Lincoln High School Cheerleaders Give Back

August 7, 2013  |  Cheers for Charity

At Lincoln High School, being a leader doesn’t end on the sidelines, at practice, or even in the classroom. 52 young ladies from Lincoln, California have taken their leadership role an extra step further by being true cheerleaders for their communities.

teamFirst year coach Liz Diegle wanted her cheerleaders to get involved in the community, and to kick start their community service planning, she appointed one of her parents to be the Public Relations Coordinator to help achieve their goal of participating in at least one project a month. Their PR coordinator is now in charge of setting up monthly projects, and plans out their community service calendar for the year.

Not only are the Lincoln High School cheerleaders participating in at least one community service project a month, but they are thinking outside the box when it comes to what kind of projects they participate in. The squad’s favorite community service project so far was the “Mud Run 4 Life”, a 5K mud obstacle course fundraiser to support programs for kids providing answers other than suicide when things aren’t going well. “It was an important event for us” says coach Diegle. The event was hosted by a cheerleader’s family whose brother tragically took his own life. “The team was able to help her family at the event and work with registration tags, directing runners, etc. In the end, they got to run the course together, which was a lot of fun for all of them”, explains Diegle. Manicure

In addition to the Mud Run 4 Life, the Lincoln cheerleaders have participated in other fun projects throughout their community! These projects include giving the women at a local senior home manicures and pedicures, cleaning up trash on the football field for graduation, and participating in “Celebrate Clay Day”, where they helped local children create clay sculptures to celebrate their town’s history.

On top of dedicating over 165 hours of community service in less than 3 months, the Lincoln cheerleaders maintain a 3.0 grade point average, and are eager create a positive image for Lincoln HS by representing their school in the community. Coach Diegle has enjoyed the squad’s enthusiasm so far and is excited for what the future holds: “Even though it’s my first year as their coach, I think it’s going to be a record setting year!”

-Tayler Easton

  • Eileen Hinshaw

    Way to go Lincoln High Cheerleaders!

    Being a leader is about giving and doing good . . . and of course, hard work and cheering others on.

    Always use your VOICE to do good in this world.

    Cheers –

    Eileen Hinshaw, Owner of Cheer You On