Never Forget 9/11

September 12, 2011  |  Cheers for Charity

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the horrific attacks on our Country. That day our lives were changed forever, and they will never be the same. We vividly remember where we were and what we were doing when the Towers were hit. I clearly remember sitting in my second period high school class hearing the murmur of teachers in the hallway and tears streaming down their faces. We turned on the TV’s and watched in horror…we were under attack. Our country pulled together like never before in this time of crisis. The vision of my entire community standing arm and arm on our football field singing “God Bless America,” will stay with me as a precious memory forever.

Many of our families are separated, as these brave men and women fight for us and the United States of America. We want to thank those courageous members of the military and never forget September 11, 2001. In honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01, several teams across the country came together to remember those who lost their lives that day, and for the ones who are still fighting for our country…

Costa Mesa High School

The Costa Mesa Cheerleaders called this day “Costa Mesa Remembers… 9/11.”  This year they made 9/11 a community affair by holding an event at the Army Reserve Base in town. They had a military color guard present the colors, the National Anthem, and a moment of silence where they released white doves at the beginning and end of the ceremony. Costa Mesa Cheerleaders collected donations for the 1/5 battalion as well as sold shirts with all proceeds going to a 9/11 charity. In conclusion, the city signed a poster and is sending it to Ground Zero.


Brimfield High School

The Brimfield High School Cheerleaders joined the Central Illinois Volunteer Information Center to volunteer at the 9/11 Remembrance Event at O’Brien Field. The cheerleaders helped to greet and seat attendees, pass out American flags, and much more. They were proud to be a part of the ceremony to honor those who lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedy.

 The University of Central Florida

In honor of Welles Crowther, a member of the class of 99’ at Boston College, a young man who lost his life saving the lives of 22 others in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Crowther, a lacrosse player at Boston College started wearing a red bandanna from the time he was a child until 9/11/01. The UCF community wore red bandannas in Croether’s honor to the UCF vs. Boston College game this weekend. And, of course, being a UCF alumni I was proudly wearing a red bandanna Saturday.

Shelby County West Middle School

To honor this day, the Shelby County Middle School Cheerleaders had a sleepover and made hundreds of cards to send overseas to our troops. They wrote customized messages in each card to give our soldiers and send a little love from home. They feel this is the least they can do for all the hard work and sacrifices the soldiers make for our country.

Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas had a new look on Saturday as they took the field. Their mascot decal was made into red, white and blue as the “Razorbacks Remember 9/11.” The stadium was divided into red, white and blue sections making an American Flag, including the cheerleaders and mascots. They also had military who were back from the Middle East serve as celebrity Hog Callers, and if you have never seen the Hog Call before is it a must see tradition.


University High school

On Friday September 9, 2011, University High School were on a local radio station speaking about 9/11. They also visited their local fire station and brought homemade goodies, thanking them for their services to their county especially during and after the September 11th attacks. In addition, they wrote letters to soldiers thanking them for servicing our Country.

Thank you to all of the cheerleaders and dancers around the country that did activities in remembrance of September 11th. What did your team do to honor this day?

Never Forget 9/11/01

– Jackie Martin

  • Diane Tye

    The Southwestern Illinois College, Blue Storm Cheerleading team, served dinner on Friday night to members of the United States Air Force who had travelled from military bases across the US to attend a 5K race in honor of their fallen teammate, Bradley R. Smith. On Saturday morning the SWIC Cheerleaders once again met up at the 5K Race and volunteered during the race and several also ran the 5K in support of Brad.