The Limit Does Not Exist – Celebrating FAU’s Heather Henderson

America Needs Cheerleaders to become leaders in just about every job you can think of! This week, let’s put the spotlight on the coach everyone’s cheering for: Heather Henderson from Florida Atlantic University. Henderson  is not the type to stray too far from the football sidelines. This season, she’s putting down the poms and trading them for the pigskin. Henderson has coached at FAU and a local cheerleading gym. FAU’s football coach, Carl Pelini, knew he needed someone with her leadership skills to help with on-campus recruiting.

Heather is a former University of South Carolina cheerleader (GO COCKS!) and the former Florida Atlantic University cheerleading coach. Now, she is taking on the world of football as the Director of On-Campus Recruiting at FAU! Henderson is a shining example of how cheerleading and the leadership skills you build through it can open so many doors to your future!

Cheerleading teaches us all to be leaders – it’s part of the name!  As cheerleaders, we have a rare gift of true confidence that people can see from a mile away! I just graduated from the University of South Carolina in May this year, and I am so blessed that my love of cheerleading has led me to working for my favorite company, Varsity! I can thank cheerleading for preparing me for the big steps I’ve taken towards success so far in my life.

Think about it – the next time you have a big class presentation, job interview, or test, embrace that confidence. Anytime you get nervous, remind yourself that if you can convince hundreds or thousands of fans to get up and yell with you every gameday, you can surely accomplish whatever you set your heart and mind to!

America Needs Cheerleaders – to be leaders, whether you decide to be a teacher, doctor, coach, designer, lawyer, owner, artist or whatever else you choose to be  – The Limit Does Not Exist!


by Caitlin Cofield