The Whys of Charity Work in Cheerleading

March 21, 2011  |  Cheers for Charity

Nothing is better than seeing a cheerleading team that practices nearly five times a week, keeps busy with games throughout the weekend, is overly involved on their school’s campus and community events, and maintains strong academic standing that STILL finds the time for CHARITY WORK! Who would have ever guessed that high school and college cheerleaders are some of the most involved groups when it comes to charity service?!

Being on the inside of the cheerleading world, I can honestly say, I am not one bit surprised that cheerleaders rule when it comes to service work. Over the years, I have seen teams go completely out of their way to help others. Whether it’s a monthly visit to a nursing home, a donation at Christmas time to Toys for Tots, or most recently, contributions to the earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan, cheerleaders work charity into their everyday lives.

Some may wonder: What is the purpose is of all this community service work? Shouldn’t cheerleaders be putting that time into something school related? What about their practices? The reality of it is: Cheerleaders represent SPIRIT! Therefore, it’s their job to show spirit on more than just the school and athletics level. Cheerleaders should show spirit in all areas where a little boost of strength is needed! This is why cheerleaders are advocates of charity work!

So why should you get involved in charity work? The list of benefits is endless! Here are a few of my favorite reasons it’s important to get involved in philanthropy:

  • It’s a heart-warming feeling! First and foremost, after performing an act of kindness, you will feel like you should be in the running to be named the next Mother Theresa. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you have helped someone, and the more you do it, the better you will feel inside!
  • It can help you in the future! Taking on a good amount of charity work can be like gaining another load of homework or an extra part-time job. It can be time consuming, but it will give you time management and organizational skills that you never had before. So break out that calendar, and fill it up!
  • Your team will shine! If you think you feel like a rock star after cheering at the State Championship, wait until your entire team comes together for a charitable cause! It not only feels good and brings your squad closer together, but others recognize these acts of kindness, and your team is put on an even higher level of admiration.
  • It looks good on a resume! While you should do charity work with an honest act of kindness in mind and not just as a resume builder, it does look good to have some service work up your belt. Like mentioned above, serving your community shows dedication and managerial skills to boot!
  • You make a difference in the world! You may think that the five dollar bill you gave to the local Susan G. Koman organization or the small Race for the Cure you participated in only makes a small difference, but the truth is, you just contributed to something enormous! Just think… if every person in your hometown participated in the race or gave five dollars, how many people could benefit throughout the world! Always realize that something small goes a long way.
  • Your actions will be followed! Because you are a cheerleader, you’re already a role model, but as an advocate for charity work, you will be looked up to on an even higher level. If you promote charity work to your team each year, it will be instilled in the squad when you leave, forming a chain of charity work for years to come!
  • You show the world that America Needs Cheerleaders! Sure, your dedication throughout each football and basketball season, your representation at national competition, and your high academic standing will always be admired as cheerleaders, but by performing charity acts, you put your team on an even more prestigious level. Making philanthropy a part of your team, you not only help others, you help yourself, and you show the world that as a cheerleader, you are needed – no matter what the cause!

-Andrea LeTard

  • Julie Bolton

    Thank you Andrea! I love everything about this article. Cheerleaders are leaders in the charity community. We take to heart that it’s not only our responsibility to represent our community but also to set the standard for others. And we have a fun and spirited way if doing it!! Would like to invite you to visit our site. The mission is to unite the giving and giving back of our global cheer and dance family.