Back to School- Yippee!

July 26, 2012  |  Field Notes

The sun has started setting just a little bit earlier each day, making these glorious summer days and nights just a bit shorter. With longer nights come cooler days and one thing that can make a lasting impact on your life forever- SCHOOL! Being on the cheer team rocks, and it’s all because your school has made the decision to include the best extracurricular activity (or sport depending on your state!) ever. So, school must be a good thing, right? Here are 5 things that you should do this 2012-2013 school year to make it the best ever:

  1. Make New Friends– One perk of being a member of the cheer or dance team is that instant friendship circle. Here’s the cool part- each person on your team probably has a few “non-cheer” friends that are friendship material for you too. Making new friends through friends you already have is an easy way to expand your social network- and we all LOVE social networks.
  2.  Get Involved… with anything that sounds interesting at your school! Love taking Instagram photos? See if there is a photography club or year book club you can join. Are you thinking you might need to expand your language beyond English? Say “hola” to the Spanish club! Joining a club will also help you with #1 (making new friends).
  3. Ramp Up School Spirit– I cheered in high school and college, so I understand that just because you’re a cheerleader or dancer doesn’t mean that you’re injected with school spirit… you might need to work on your love for your school-no biggie. Start off small by participating in all your “cheer duties” aka cheering games, then start adding some Game Day spirit to your back pack, outfits, car, etc. It’s actually really fun being excited about where you go to school and its athletics.
  4. Learn something! As ludicrous as it seems, you can actually learn about things that do not show up on a Twitter feed. For example, Home-Ec might be an easy A, but those skills you learn, like how to sew on a button or how to cut chicken properly, will be very helpful once you are living on your own. Retain that information!
  5. YOLO- You Only Live Once… As far as I know, time machines don’t exist yet, so each day is a new day- filled with new and different opportunities. School will give you opportunities that you’ll never be able to go back and recreate- So, go to the homecoming dance, sign up for pottery class, be a member of the National Honors Society, run for class president or start a Sparkle Team.

– Ashley Cowan

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