ROCK CHALK- Right Place, Right Time

March 20, 2012  |  Field Notes

The saying goes “You were at the right place at the right time”, and on March 19th the University of Kansas spirit squad was at the right place and the exact time a man needed their help. The Kansas Jayhawks were getting ready to cheer on their women’s basketball team at the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas, when they had a slight detour. We had the opportunity to have a Q&A with Garrett Greaves; a 3rd year on the cheerleading team.     

                                Garrett Greaves
Jr/Exercise Science, Physical Therapy/3rd year KU Cheerleading team

Q: Take us through the evening’s events-you were leaving your hotel and heading to cheer on the Jayhawks when…
To be honest, it all happened within less than 30 seconds. The pep band, cheer squad and dancers were all walking toward our bus as we passed a gentleman, who was frantic yet calm, begging for someone to come help. At first all I heard was that there was a car on something, so I threw down my bag and ran over to help, then realized it was an actual person under the car. We lifted it up and the man rolled out and popped to his feet, bloody and very dazed. Now, I don’t know what you specifically have heard about the incident, but I just want the real truth to be told and so credit can be given where credit is due because the people who actually lifted the car were: the man calling for our help, 4-5 band members, a mascot, and myself. Regardless of who we are and what colors we were wearing at the time, we are just ordinary people doing what any other person would do in that situation. So I don’t know if “heroes” are even the right word for us; “human” is more fitting.

Q: Have you ever found yourself in that situation before?
I cannot say I have ever been in this particular situation before where one’s life was at risk. I honestly hope that I never will again, but if I am, I hope I will be in the right place and the right time just like we were the other day.

Q: If put in this situation again, would you react differently?
I can definitively say that I will always react if someone is in need, but not because I want the recognition; I feel it’s my human responsibility.

Garrett showed us that anything can happen at any even time, and it’s how we react in that situation is what make us who we are. Not only did this event give this KU cheerleader a chance to show what cheerleaders are made of, it brought together various people that make up the KU Spirit Squad. ROCK CHALK and a huge GO JAYHAWKS!

~Bethany Harrell