Sideline Report with Ashley Mehmken

November 2, 2011  |  Field Notes

Hi! My name is Ashley Mehmken, I am 18 years old and the varsity cheer captain for Allen High School in Allen, Texas. Football is a way of life in Texas and everyone in our community comes to support their boys in blue! This is our huge rivalry game against Plano Senior High School, so sit back and relax. It’s time to go under the Friday night lights of Allen High School, Home of the Eagles!



During the season, our pregame festivities begin with Reading with the Eagles on Thursday afternoon. This is where the cheerleaders and the football players visit different elementary schools in our community to talk to the students about the Friday night game and read the kids stories! This helps encourage everyone to attend the game and pumps the kids up with excitement. This is one of my favorite things to do!


It’s Friday and it’s game day! Our squad is to be at the school by 7:45 am in full uniform – that means with our hair and makeup done, and ready to go! At 8:15 am we line up down the hallway and march with the band through the halls, pumping up the students, and help filter everyone into the gym.  As we march into the gym, the student body erupts in cheers. It’s time for the PEP RALLY, which is the best part of the day! Our school’s pep rallies are amazing! We get to perform a routine and I always get so excited because this is our chance to show how hard we have worked all week putting together our performance. During the pep rally it is our job to hype up our students for the game that night which makes me anxious for kick off!

After a long day of classes, we meet at a local restaurant and have a team dinner before the game. Everyone sits, eats, talks, laughs and has a great time! After we eat, we head over to the high school around 4:45 pm and get the signs and t-shirts that we will be hanging up and throwing out into the crowd that night. Our cheer coach drives the bus over to the stadium as we put the finishing touches to our makeup and hair. Before we know it, we’ve arrived!


We usually have 45,000 fans show up to every game! That is why being a cheerleader at Allen is a big deal! We are very lucky to have so many supporters and are building a new stadium in 2012 to accommodate everyone. We have two mascots, Tuffy and Tuffette, during football games they use their t-shirt guns to shoot t-shirts into the stands! Our escadrille has over 68O members making it the largest high school band in Texas; needless to say our halftime performances are out of this world! The Eagles had a huge victory beating Plano Senior High School 44-7! I am so proud of my football team and my teammates; it was another incredible week of football and school spirit!

To experience gameday at Allen High School you can watch Friday Night Cheerleading In America on Varsity TV:

Friday Night Cheerleading In America: Allen High School

“GO Eagles!”

-Ashley Mehmken

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    You guys are such good cheerleaders!