Sideline Report with Brooke Wanbaugh

October 18, 2011  |  Field Notes

Hey everyone! It’s Brooke Wanbaugh from Costa Mesa High School. It’s my Senior year and time seems to be flying by. Last Friday night was one of the biggest football games of the year, Homecoming. Hope you enjoy this play by play of a Costa Mesa High School cheerleader on gameday!



Starting the Week

This year we started homecoming week off with a spirit hunt. We hid 10 mini original works of art around our city and posted clues on our website. This really got the student body into our homecoming theme with this search for the “Golden Tickets.”Football and Cheer Bonding

The night before the big game cheer and football get together for a team dinner hosted by our parents. This gives us time to relax before the game and spend some time together just being friends. Of course the night before homecoming the cheerleaders disappeared and snuck into their locker room to decorate and surprise them with good luck posters.Early Mornings

It all begins before the crack of dawn at 4 A.M., when all the cheerleaders arrive to fully decorate the school, make the football players goodie bags, and finish last minute preparations on the run through. The early morning ends with a breakfast and the tradition of the seniors hanging a huge sign on the roof of the library overlooking the main quad. All the students, faculty and staff love coming to school in the morning to see all the hard work cheer puts into increasing school spirit.Next step, the Pep Rally

The Pep Rallies at CMHS are one of the most exciting parts of homecoming for our cheerleaders. We stunt in front of our classes as they walk in and throw goodies out at the crowd. Throughout the Rally we participate in our school’s traditional cheers such as the 8 Clap and “We are, C-M!” Generally, halfway through the rally is our time to shine. We perform a dance that is always sure to get the crowd pumped up. To conclude the rally we gather in the middle of the gym with our athletes and A.S.B. to sing our Alma Mater.To the Stadium!

For the Homecoming game our cheerleaders arrive close to three hours before the start of the game to ensure all the pre-game activities are fully carried out. First, the squad takes turns getting their hair done and having their traditional flower halos tightly fastened to their heads while the rest of the squad covers the stadium in signs, balloons, and streamers. Next, we warm up all of our individual stunts as well as our pyramids to ensure their perfection come game time. Finally we set up our cheer boxes, raise our poms, and its kick-off time!Game Time

This year we played Godinez High School, and the first half of the game was an exciting one for us Mustangs leaving the score at 45-0. Every time our team scores we run to the end zone with our fan the Mesa Maniacs and do a pyramid while we wait for the kick to go through the uprights. After that we race back to with our tradition “We are CM” cheer, and get back on our boxes to perform one of our 4 band dances. Throughout the game we pump our crowd up with crowd encouraging cheers as well as catchy chants. One of my favorite parts of the game is when the Alumni cheerleaders join us on the track for a Photo op and a few cheers.

During halftime, our squad goes over to meet the opposing team’s cheerleaders and give them treats according to our homecoming theme “Willy Wonka; A World of Pure Imagination.” After that, the halftime show kicks off and each class performs a skit according to the theme. Finally, halftime concludes with the crowning of our Homecoming Queen!

This Homecoming was one sure to be remembered with an ending score of 59-7. After high-fiving the other teams players we line up in front of the stands with our football team and join them in singing our Fight Song. It’s nice to have my last Homecoming game end on not just a good note but a great one, and I know my fellow seniors feel the same way. And that wraps up the 2011 Homecoming game for Costa Mesa High School. As always, GO MUSTANGS!

  • Carrie

    What are the boxes used for? Does J.V. cheer with you at the game? What other traditions do the Seniors pass down??

  • Brooke

    We stand on our boxes in between doing cheers, JV cheers at our homecoming game and the game against our rival school, another tradition of the seniors is to decorate the boys football room the night before the game!

  • Darleen J

    Great article Brooke. Hard to believe you’re a senior! I appreciate all cheer does for our school and I know our players do too!