#SocialMedia for @YourSquad

August 15, 2012  |  Field Notes

Admit it, when you are doing your homework, you can’t help but check your phone to look at your twitter timeline. Oh, and your best friend just uploaded 97 new photos from cheer camp on Facebook. Social media is addicting, and we are all guilty when it comes to checking it constantly. Why not put your addiction to good use and use social media to benefit your squad?

Having a squad Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, can be beneficial to your squad members, the student body, and the community. It’s a great way to show the world what your squad is doing, whether it’s preparing for the first game, working on that new stunt for nationals, or putting on a pep rally at the local nursing home. It’s also a great way to let squad members know what to they should be prepared for at the next practice, what to wear to the game, and to get them pumped up in general! I love following other squad’s twitters to see what they are up to, and getting ideas from them!

Social media is also great for letting the community know you have events coming up that they can participate in. If you are hosting a cheerleading clinic, chances are your followers will be interested and will be able to spread the word through social media!

The person behind it all needs to be someone outgoing that is capable of posting content regularly that the followers will enjoy. It is important to build up the follower base to get your word out. Just think, the more followers you have, the more successful your events will be! Be sure to interact with your followers and keep them interested.

For some ideas on how to run a squad Twitter or other social media sites, check out these great Cheerleading accounts for University squads!

University of Alabama @Alabama_Cheer

Auburn University @AUcheerleading

Florida State University @FSUcheerleading

University of Georgia @UGAcheerleading

University of Kansas @KUCheer

University of Central Florida @UCF_CheerTeam 

Let us know your squad’s Twitter handle below!

-Tayler Easton

  • http://crushsquad.webs.com Coach Carter

    Yes! Yes! Being a new coach at GHS in Massachusetts, in order to gain the attention of this generation, I created a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Website.

  • http://crushsquad.webs.com Coach Carter

    Sorry about that…I posted it twice to put our twitter handle but failed again… Greenfield High School, Greenfield, MA – @GHScrushsquad

  • http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=SPIRITSQUAD&p=/index/ Coach Kelli

    Follow Wichita State on twitter! @shoxcheer

  • http://www.dupanthers.com/index.aspx?mobile=skip Coach Katrina Wireman

    Follow Davenport University Cheerleading!!

    Facebook https://m.facebook.com/home.php?refid=9#!/DUcheer?__user=1053126893

    Twitter DUCheerleading

  • http://NorthsideE Mykelia Putman

    This is so true. Were a small recreation squad in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we cheer mostly at local events and competitions. However, since we’re so small it was really hard for people to find out about us. Thankfully to the help of Facebook.com/NorthsideCheer1 and Twitter.com @NorthsideCheer we were able to get our name out there and began to grow our program.