UCA National Champions Featured on Varsity TV’s Friday Night Cheerleading in America

February 15, 2011  |  Field Notes, For the Love of Competition

Westview Cheerleaders Featured on Varsity TV's Friday Night Cheerleading in America

Exhausted!  The Varsity.com staff just got home from Orlando for the 2011 National High School Cheerleading Championship (NHSCC).  This weekend, over 430 teams from 33 states — over 14,000 cheerleaders — competed at UCA’s NHSCC at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  It was an incredible weekend of fierce competition, lots of emotion, and the best high school cheerleading in the country!

This is the 31st year of the NHSCC, and it was created in 1980 as an opportunity to reward teams for the selfless work they were doing in their schools and communities.  All year long these teams cheer on the football team, make signs and banners spreading school spirit, and do community service.  The NHSCC was created to highlight the athleticism and talent of cheerleaders across the country.

Coincidentally, this year Varsity TV captured two of the teams who took home National Champion satin jackets last Fall supporting their football teams in the series, Friday Night Cheerleading in America.  In September, we travelled to Martin, Tennessee, to see what the cheerleaders from Westview High School were like on a typical Friday Night.  In October, we visited Lexington, Kentucky, for Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s Homecoming game.  This weekend, Westview won the Super Varsity Division II title and Dunbar took the top spot in Large Varsity Division I.

You can watch their performances from this weekend on Varsity TV: http://www.varsity.com/event/1443/2011_national_hs_cheerleading_championship.aspx

But — to get an even closer look at these teams and what they’re like back at home, check out the Varsity TV series, Friday Night Cheerleading in America: http://www.varsity.com/varsitytv.aspx

I love that you get to see both sides of two outstanding teams…Enjoy!

— Nicole Lauchaire

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