What I learned from Cheerleading

March 13, 2011  |  Field Notes, Life Beyond Cheer

Cheerleading has paved my way in this world by providing a foundation on which many life lessons have been learned and creating an outlook that champions perseverance, dedication, and a commitment to the greater good.



What I learned from cheerleading…

  • Cheering for the right things brings happiness
  • Regardless of how far you’re down, you keep trying
  • Bus rides can be lots of fun
  • Being a cheerleader is a lifelong role
  • A cheerful heart is healthy
  • Preparation matters
  • You can make up a cheer about anything
  • Some things are worth romanticizing
  • To stand up for the people and principles you believe in
  • A smile goes a long way
  • Predominantly white uniforms are the best!

I put this question out to others on the NCA facebook page and got some great responses…

  • I learned how to stand up and talk in front of hundreds of people, how to make everything I’m involved in “FUN” and that it’s not as easy as it looks! – Bill Patterson
  • Through cheerleading I have learned how to work as a team with people who I did not like. Now I have become great friends with them. – Kate Monahan
  • Teamwork. Discipline. Time Management. Leadership – Arianna Henck
  • Leadership, trust, perseverance, and true teamwork (: – Leah Marshall
  • I’ve learned that no matter what happens, a team is a team and if you have a strong relationship with each other, anything can be achieved. – Savannah Stuckey
  • Through cheerleading I’ve learned that hard work and determination can get you anything. I’ve also realized that the girls on my team are the ones who will get me through anything, my real friends, my sisters. – Taylor Napier
  • …To forgive yourself when you make a mistake, and how to forgive others when they have a rough day. – Joanne Bednar
  • As a coach, I hope I have taught my athletes that cheerleading prepares you for LIFE—communication, responsibility, respect for others, flexibility, dedication and loving what you do!! – Melissa Fett Morton

Check out the complete list of responses here: https://www.facebook.com/NCAcheer/posts/10150123056288839

What have YOU learned from cheerleading? Leave a comment below.

— Jenni Parrish

  • Kristina Boss

    I’ve learnded
    1. Be happy no matter what situation!
    2. How to be proud of my body and respect it.
    3. A smile can change someones day
    4. Just because a kid is special needs it doesnt meen there not like you. (im not special needs but there is a special needs team at my cheer)
    I’ve learnded soo many things.. to many to list

  • JAnderson

    What didn’t I learn from cheering!
    1. Team work: my teammates have always been like my family! LUVV them all!
    2. Discipline: a 50 week schedule is hard but rewarding and preps you for life!
    3. Confidence: I always knew I was talented but would hold back or let others tell me what I couldn’t do, until you put me on a stage, a field, or a court. Then it’s GAME ON!
    4. Enriched Courage: It enriched my courage to stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves for it gave me a platform to speak from!
    5. Leadership: Cheering added fuel to the fire within me that I knew I was meant to lead others by being an example of excellence myself!

    Cheering changed my life and I can proudly base my whole career around it. I always knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and cheering empowred me to do so from mentoring young athletes, at risk teenage girls to coaching to choreography, I have met so many wonderful people and created amazing memories. Now as a professional model, I continue to use the lessons that I developed as cheerleader from junior high school to the professional level to enrich the lives of others. I could go on and on about how cheering changed my life for the better for the list is endless but I will stop before I write a novel. I encourage all cheerleaders out there to continue cheering and continue being a positive impact on all those around you through the power of cheer, you are fortunate to be in a league of extraordinary athletes!

    J. Anderson

  • Lauren W

    Through cheerleading I’ve learned
    -that smiling even when you’re in a tough situation helps.
    – You’re really in a fish bowl where EVERYONE can see you
    – sparkles are a necessity in life

  • Nicole LaVancha

    Cheerleading has taught me leadership, teamwork, trust, time management, forgiveness, responsibility, loyalty, stick-to-it-tiveness and much more! I’ve learned that when you are a team you will do anything for each other, whether it be giving up sleep, losing a boyfriend, or taking a hit to keep someone else from getting hurt. My teammates are like family to me, and i love it! Cheerleading in my life, and I’m sure it will teach me more lesson along the way.

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  • – e.wilson

    — cheerleading has taught me to love & accept me for who i am ; cheer others up when they are down ; discipline , hard work & team effort ! cheerleading has gave me a new outlook on what i can do in life & the things i can change !

  • MorganRae

    – Cheerleading has taught me to be a leader, a friend, and a sister. This being my freshman year in highschool, I have learned a lot. You’ll always have your cheer members as friends, there’s no doubt about that. You’ll shed many tears and smiles with your squad. As for my squad, we woke up for 6:20 a.m. practices before school and 3:30 p.m. practices after school and on the weekends before State. We won 2A Regional Runner Ups in Oklahoma. Then a couple of things went wrong at state, and we did not get the gold. We kept going though, and never gave up on being a team. You see at our school, we’ve won state 4 times in Cheer. The last time any sport has won state was in 2007, and that is the last time ever. It’s taught US, that it’s more than just a pretty face and a uniform..
    It’s our Life. <3 (:

  • Elizabeth

    Well im 13 yrs old and ive been cheering since i was 6 yrs old and doing allstar since i was 9 yrs old. Right now im working on my full and im only in the 7th grade. cheerleading has taught me so much like how to b a good sport, how to love one anothe, respect eachother, have faith in what you do, believe in your team and yourself, love what you do, and just go onto that mate and have and awesome time.:)