With Spirit in Your Heart – Let Game Day Start!

September 24, 2013  |  Field Notes

Jordan neatly folded her warm-ups and placed them into the tattered red cheer duffel. It was the first game day of football season and everyone in the town of Seneca had been talking about the night’s upcoming game for weeks. Jumping into her jeep, Jordan headed toward the high school dressed in her red, white and blue cheerleading uniform. 

On her way down the winding road to town, Jordan passed multiple signs in front of local businesses that read “Good Luck Indians” and “Beat the Bulldogs.” She couldn’t help but smile at the many cars that drove past with painted windows in support of the football team. The entire town was dressed from streetlight to storefront in school colors 

As Jordan arrived at school, she parked facing the football stadium where the marching band was practicing their half-time performance. The Seneca Indian fight song rang loud and true throughout campus, reminding everyone what day it was – game day. 

Walking into the school building, Jordan passed by banners, signs and streamers that were hung by the cheerleaders and student council. You could feel the energy radiating though the hallways with the echoes of laughter and excited chatter from the students and teachers. Game day at Seneca High School had finally arrived – and the entire community was ready for a win!

After the game day festivities had ended, smiling the biggest smile of her high school career – Jordan had taken in every last moment from the pep rally performance to leaving the parking lot after the season-opening win against the Bulldogs. Game day was something special – something her senior year wouldn’t be complete without. Go Indians!

Building a strong tradition throughout a community can turn empty stands into fans and game days into lasting memories – You just need to create the ideal game day atmosphere for a winning tradition! It all starts with YOU! If you support your team, your student body will follow. If you encourage your community to get involved and support your team, your town will be talking on game day.

Remember that genuine excitement is contagious – so show up with your spirit and rock the stadium!


by Jessica Baker

  • http://www.meredithprunty.com Meredith Prunty

    Great read! I am just starting my senior year and fourth year on Varsity. This story captures the essence of Cheer.

  • Jordan Wallace

    Loved it! Tradition is such a huge part of what makes school spirit happen. Spread it around!!