Cheerleading: Practice for Life

February 5, 2013  |  For the Love of Competition

The performance arena is merely a practice area for the larger arena of life.”

 – National Cheerleaders Association Creed 

Cheerleading, like any other organized group activity, has grown into an ever-evolving team effort.  After debuting its enthusiastic mark on history in 1877, cheer has become a global phenomenon. Cheerleading is not only on the sidelines but also in the spotlight of crowded arenas.  And this time – the cheering is FOR the cheerleaders.

From the stands, spectators watch in awe of the unbelievable athleticism displayed by young men and women performing on the stage below. Flipping, twisting, and tossing their way to the end of each performance, more than sheer talent has built this performance.

Trust, teamwork, dedication, and perseverance are only a few of the attributes that a cheerleading team builds its foundation on.

We go about everyday-life living with our families, working, or going to school – learning each day a new lesson.  And some go to cheerleading practice.

Anyone who has been on a cheerleading team, or any team for that matter, would easily say that the lessons learned and the skills acquired through cheerleading were not just tricks for show.

You spot your team when they stunt – A good friend is always there to help

You make sure to never miss a practice – Perfect attendance at school and work

You step-up when a teammate is sick – Overcome obstacles in your life

You always have on the proper uniform – Responsibility

You practice your routines and are always ready to perform – Accountability

Cheerleading is an instruction manual to living a successful life. 

– Jessica Green