Head-Over-Heels for Team USA!

December 9, 2011  |  For the Love of Competition

Team USAI’m a bit head-over-heels in love with cheerleading. I’m the type of cheer-fanatic that watches online cheerleading videos, checks out all the cheerleading fan pages on Facebook, and searches through message boards to see what cheer topics are hot these days. From my recent website browsing, I’d like to share some information that I find particularly interesting for all cheerleaders: TEAM USA TRYOUTS ARE ALMOST HERE!

What is Team USA anyways? Team USA Cheer has two teams, an All Girl team and a Coed Team. Both of these teams represent the USA at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championships

Who are the coaches of Team USA? Each year, USA Cheer chooses several of top cheerleading coaches to select team members, create a routine, and then lead the team to victory.

What’s the big deal about Team USA? They are comprised of the most talented cheerleaders in America! I’ve had the opportunity to see Team USA perform live… they are simply AMAZING! These cheerleaders can stunt, tumble, jump, basket, and pyramid better than any team I’ve ever seen.

How do you tryout for Team USA Cheer? Tryouts are on January 16th in Orlando. If you’re working, watching, or competing at the UCA/UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship, you should definitely considering trying out for Team USA since you’re already in the Orlando! Here’s all the tryout information.

What skills do you need for tryouts? Female cheerleaders trying out for the All Girl team should tryout with a group they’ll be able to practice with between tryouts and competition. You can check out the bio’s page to read about last year’s team members’ individual skills. As for the Coed team, you can do your stunt tryout portion with a partner you already work with, or you can meet someone at tryouts and practice some before you’ll called to show your stunts.

So whether you can tryout or just want to be a super-fan (like me), it’s cool to know what’s going on with the two best cheerleading teams in the world!

Ashley Cowan

  • Kristen

    do you happen to know the minimum tumbling requirement?

  • Ashley Cowan

    From what I know, there is not a “minimum” tumbling skill requirement. Looking at last year’s team, I know that most or all of the females on both Coed and All Girl had standing tucks and running fulls. For males, many of them have standing fulls and trick tumbling passes. But, like trying out for any team, it just depends who shows up on the day of tryouts!

  • Jayce

    How old do u have to be?