Team USA: We’re Here!

April 25, 2012  |  For the Love of Competition

Team USA has finally arrived at Disney’s All Star Resort and it feels like home! After a week and a half in Orlando, it’s nice to be back to the place I know and love-Disney World! Before traveling to the hotel, we had our first performance last night at a local high school. It was a good experience to perform in front of a small crowd in our uniforms before we take the mat at the hp Field House. The more times we can perform this routine, the better! Coed performed one of our better routines and all girl looked great as usual. Both partner stunts were also able to perform their routines. The all girl group is from the University of Louisville (UCA national champs) and the coed couple is Alli Greer and Jeremy Lumpkin from the University of Kentucky. The routines are absolutely jaw dropping, so if you are in Orlando, make sure you stop by the Field House on Thursday to watch them take home the GOLD! 

On Wednesday night, both dance and cheer teams dressed up and loaded the bus for a team dinner. It was nice to finally meet the dance teams that will be representing on country and they put on a little show for us at dinner too! Tomorrow morning, all of the teams will be up bright and early for practice at the hp Field House. I am so excited to see what the dance teams have come up with for this year and I can’t wait to show off our amazing routine! We started off this last week of practice on a good note, so now it’s time to end the week on one. 

Keep all of the teams representing the United States in your thoughts and prayers as we go for gold this Friday! GO USA! 

Switch Shirt Day!


 Finally made it to the All Star! First practice!

The dance team performing for us at dinner!

– Ryan Martin

  • Primera

    How did it go? Have you performed as well as you plan to? 🙂