Thank you Harley

November 15, 2012  |  Life Beyond Cheer

Thank you for calling me “Miss Jessica,” with excitement on your face.

For running up and hugging my leg, invading my personal space.

Your silliness at practice and all the funny things you’d say.

The brightest smile in the world that always made my day.

For your trust in my judgment, when I’d tell you what to do.

For listening and learning when you didn’t want to.

Thank you for the time you shared with me and your little friends.

We can’t wait to see the cheerleading team that you’ve made for us in heaven.

Life is a very fragile thing. It can be unpredictable at times and it can be repetitive at others. But one thing that remains unchanged is how quickly time passes.

I am one of the privileged individuals who had the opportunity to meet a little girl named Harley. At the age of five, Harley could light up a room and change your mood in seconds.  With a hug and the most genuine smile in the world, Harley was a born cheerleader. She was blessed with natural spirit and charisma, which she shared with everyone she met.

Harley joined my Tiny cheerleading team at the age of four and competed her very first season as a talented top girl and tumbler. She was everything a coach could ask for.

Later that May, life proved how unpredictable it can be. An F5 tornado roared through our town, cutting short the life of the precious cheerleader. Everyday thereafter, the little things seemed more important. Life seemed much more precious and everyday a gift to cherish.  A five year old did what adults only dream of doing…she made a difference in the world.

Thanksgiving is no longer the only time I give thanks and acknowledge the little things.  Harley reminds me of this daily. America Needs Cheerleaders, and was lucky to be blessed with one small cheerleader’s presence – even if only for a brief time.

– Jessica Green

  • Monica Clement

    Loved miss Harley! 🙂 She always called me her “big cheerleader.” I remember on the last competition she came up to me and told me she was going to miss me watching her at competitions. Loved her sweet personality! 🙂