“Bring It On: The Musical” with Lauren Whitt

September 23, 2011  |  On the Stage

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Whitt and I recently started a journey across North America with Bring It On:The Musical. In the show, I do tons of stunts, tumbling, pyramids, baskets, and on top of all of that SING while doing it. I have been a part of UCA staff for 5 years, teaching high school, college, and international camps. I graduated in May of 2010 from the University of Central Florida, where I cheered for all 4 years, and have also been a part of Team USA for 2 years. Follow my photo blog to keep up with me and the rest of the Bring It On: The Musical cast as we BRING IT to different cities on tour! Also, follow me on Twitter @BringItOnLauren for daily Bring It On:The Musical updates! 

“Boys Singing”

The guys learning a song called “It’s All Happening”. With a lot of us being cheerleaders, it is definitely a complete new experience to sing on stage while doing cheerleading stunts and dancing, all the same time. “Ninja Game”

During one of our morning breaks, a bunch of us started playing a ninja game, where the goal is to pretend-karate chop the person next to you.  It looks really goofy watching it, but it’s such a fun game.“Lunch!”

The great thing about New York City is there are places to eat EVERYWHERE you go. Here, we’re eating at the place right next door to our rehearsal spot, which we are becoming quite the “regulars” at.“Extensions”

After lunch, we started cheer practice… Today, the dancers learned how to base and fly in extensions, libs, and full downs. Here, Elle and Taylor (who play Eva and Campbell) are about to do their full downs together that they just learned! They’re naturals.“Cheer Consultant Jess”

UCA’s own Jessica Colombo is the cheer consultant for the show.  She has been kind of our “cheer coach” when it comes to what the stunts need to look like and teaching everyone how to do them.  She has turned the cast members who have never cheered before into amazing cheerleaders in no time. “Neil Toss Hands”

Today, Neil Haskell, who plays “Steven,” learned how to do a toss hands, and even pressed it up to extension, just because he wanted to learn.  He got this stunt all by himself after only a few tries. Way to go, Neil.

Check back next week for more behind the scenes action from Bring It On: The Musical.

  • Glenn Ross

    This is wonderful……

  • Michele French

    I am so proud of you Lauren! can’t wait to see you in Charlotte!

  • Bryan


    What a amazing show you guys put on. I really can’t say enough about the job you and the cast did. You are some amazing athlete. I’ve never seen someone fly around a stage as much as you did that night. You really did an amazing job I can’t wait to see you perform again. By the way you are absolutely beautiful!!!! Keep up the great work.