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Cheer Team = Family

January 26, 2011  |  Life Beyond Cheer  |  2 Comments

Being a "cheerleader" means different things to different people. To some people, being a cheerleader means you have a sideline pass to every sporting event. To some people, it's just an after school activity. To some people, it's a way to hang out with friends and work together. All of these things are great, but for some people being a cheerleader means adopting a new family.

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There is No “I” in Team

January 14, 2011  |  For the Love of Competition  |  No Comments

Teamwork. Commitment. Dedication. As we approach competition season, we need to keep these three things in mind. As cheerleaders, we always need to work together as a team, and depend on each other to be there to achieve everyone’s goals. For instance, a pyramid shows how every teammate is important to each element of a routine. If one person is missing, a complete pyramid is not possible!

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Time Management

January 12, 2011  |  Cheer Cum Laude, Life Beyond Cheer  |  2 Comments

Growing up with a family of athletes meant that we were always “on the go.” This was a common conversation in my household: “Mom, why can’t I get a dog?” “Ryan, we aren’t home enough to take care of one. We are always on the go.” “Dad, what are we eating for dinner?”

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